Kaleb Blake Company: The Leading Insurance Appraisal Umpire for Hail Damage in Florida

At Kaleb Blake Company, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to integrity. As a trusted insurance appraisal umpire for hail damage in Florida, we deeply understand the challenges that arise in the aftermath of severe weather. Our primary focus is on providing fair, impartial, and ethical services, distinguishing us from the competition.

Ensuring Fair Outcomes for Hail Damage Insurance Claim Disputes

Our extensive experience in handling claims of all sizes sets Kaleb Blake Company apart. We have successfully navigated the complexities of hail-related damage for residential properties to large commercial structures, ensuring we have the experience to assist in any hail damage situation. We emphasize our neutrality, acting as a bridge between insurance carriers and policyholders, ensuring a smooth and unbiased assessment process.

Going Above & Beyond

We go beyond the conventional approach in hail damage assessment. We rely on more than just the information submitted to us, we conduct our own investigations, delving deep into the details, researching permits, collaborating with independent engineers, and consulting with contractors to provide unbiased assessments. We’ve been appointed by the court multiple times, a testament to our neutrality and the trust we’ve earned in the industry.

An Insurance Appraisal Umpire You Can Trust

Kaleb Blake Company is the trusted insurance appraisal umpire for hail damage in Florida, offering unparalleled expertise, dedication to customers, and a commitment to fairness. Contact us today to experience the Kaleb Blake difference.

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