Umpire Services

When are UMPIRE SERVICES needed?

The services of the umpire are called upon when the two appraisers are unable to reach a settlement amount for a given insurance claim. When either the policyholder or the insurance company invokes appraisal, both parties must choose an umpire to officiate the process. When dealing with the appraisal process, it is important to have a competent, unbiased, professional umpire.

At Kaleb Blake Company, we offer just that! Our Umpires...

  • Are qualified in the field of insurance appraisals
  • Have years of experience in every stage of the insurance appraisal process. 
  • Have extensive knowledge of the Xactimate program, and they are capable of reading and understanding the costs included in this estimating software. 

YOU NEED a qualified, experienced appraisal umpire when handling your claim. 

YOU DO NOT NEED a mediator seeking to split things down the middle. 

A capable umpire understands that both sides need to be heard before a decision can be made. At Kaleb Blake Company, our umpires consider all of these things when approaching the appraisal process. We seek to provide you with a realistic reward for your damaged or lost property. We are here to serve you.

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We have hundreds of successfully settled appraisal claims totaling over $50 million in claim gross loss.