Most insurance policies include an appraisal provision. 


The appraisal process is an appropriate form of action taken when dealing with disputes of valuation regarding your lost or damaged property. When parties disagree about the appropriate value of the amount of the loss or damage, or the amount necessary to repair that lost or damaged property, appraisal is the recommended course of action. 

Seeking the assistance of an appraiser allows the insured an opportunity to negotiate a better settlement on his or her claim.

At Kaleb Blake Company, we pride ourselves on our:

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What to EXPECT?

When conducting an appraisal, generally a Kaleb Blake Company appraiser performs an independent evaluation of the lost or damaged property, along with an appraiser that represents the insurance company handling the claim, in hopes of reaching a settled amount. If a settlement cannot be reached, an umpire that has already been selected is required to reach a resolution.

Your lost or damaged property is important. Dealing with a process like this can be tiresome and overwhelming. Consider the help of Kaleb Blake Company and consider an experience of dealing with trained professionals devoted to reaching your needs. 

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We have hundreds of successfully settled appraisal claims totaling over $50 million in claim gross loss.